Wednesday, December 3, 2014

National Round-Up council - 2014

  • In the biggest wave of economic reforms since coming power, the NDA government on October 18, 2014 price of diesel and announced a new price for domestiesiyduced natural gas.

  • The government announced the re-launch of the UPA's nagship Direct Bene Transkr scheme for denied subsidy for want an number.
  • With the Cabinet decision, the price of diesel, as in the case of petrol, would be market-linked without any government intervention and retail rates reflecting price changes in the global market.
  • On gas pricing, the govern ment surprised analysts by fixing the price at 8 5.61 per mmBtu 1million British thermal units), 75 per cent lower than the rates proposed by the Rangarajan Gmmit. tee under the UPA government.
  • The current rate iS $ 4,412 mmBiu. The immediate impact on Rs 37 a litre(ex hi) with et trom 18 midnight.
  • As a result of the govern ment's decision on reforma in the oil and gas LPG subsidy will for the first time become avai able to slum dwellers,. 
  • And migrant labourers as it will apply to all purchase of LPG irreapeetive cylinder Earlier smaller  eyeliners were excluded from the subsidy.
  • The subsidy will be provided through direct cash transfers to plug leakages.
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