Monday, November 17, 2014


Google has joined the ranks of companies trying to tackle the problem of email overload,  but its new Inbox mobile app will sit alongside its Gmail service rather than replace it.  Unveiled in October 2014 Inbox is an app for Android and for i-phone,  with a invite-only launch that mirrors the debut of Gmail in 2004.  Its features include the ability to organise similar emails in bundles',  from bank statements and online shopping purchases to travel reservations,  to reduce inbox clutter.  The app will also show highlights of key information from individual messages,  including live flight times and thumb-  nails of photo attachments.  Inbox can also'snooze'  away emails until a later point. 

The new Inbox app will not replace Gmail,  but will work along with it .

Inbox can also snooze away emails until a later point,  a feature that was first introduced by Mailbox.

Other apps trying to de-clutter inboxes include Boxer,  Gusto,  Acompli and Evomail.

The app will show highlights of key information from individual messages including thumbnails of photo attachments

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